I was just a kid when I decided that music would be my way. I wanted to understand how music worked, just like a child who disassemble his toys to see how they are made.I wanted to find out how the records I liked so much were made and why they sounded like that.

This is the impulse that has guided me in life and in my profession. The spur that led me to become first a guitarist, a sound engineer and then, as a result, arranger and producer. It was a long and challenging journey during which I worked with many artists, musicians and producers from whom I learned a lot, refining the tools of the trade.

Only after years, I discovered that I was able to write songs, this was an important turning point. The acquisition of awareness that,in addition to putting myself at the service of others, I could create something of my own that would bring me back to the purest love of music. That's why "THE PRICE" was born. I wanted to go back to the main reason why I started making music. I thought of the advice ofa friend: "Remember the child you were and the old man you will become, because that child is in you, and the old man is waiting for you!", So the main reason was my love for music made with passion , with friends and musicians that I respect, and for the pleasure of doing it.

THE PRICE, in fact, represents "the price" paid to achieve what I have done. Things are never free, if you want something you have to be willing to pay the price. In my career I had to fight against wind mills and faced some daunting moments, but I 've never back down, because where many people would give up, I went ahead.

The obstacles were not only practical but also moral, and often connected to problematic interpersonal relationships, a source of frustration and deep emotional fractures. For this reason, the choice to link "A SECOND CHANCE TO RISE", THE PRICE's first album, to the concept of human pathological relationships, is an integral part of the project, as is the series of noir-cut video clips created to accompany the songs, in order to make it a true cinematographic transposition.

In my life path, THE PRICE is an important milestone, but at the same time it's a starting point for a new beginning. "A SECOND CHANCETO RISE", in this sense, represents the first step towards rebirth and is also the first of a series of albums to come, where I hope to host other artists and friends who will want to share this adventure with me.

Some of the musicians who played on the record are also part of THE PRICE live band. Axel Capurro on Voice, Marco Fuliano on Drums and Simone Carbone on Bass Guitar.